Gardening Update June 2016

Hello.  Slacker blogger here.  I’ve been distracted by things like iced coffee, good books and iCarly reruns.  Good thing I don’t make a living off of blogging because we may all starve if I did.  Well, I guess we could eat the veggies that I am growing though so that would be work out okay, I guess.

To be honest, I have never had a real garden.  Oh, I have had a few plants but never a real garden that required planning, tilling soil and planting a larger variety of seeds.

I took these pictures on June 28th so it has grown quite a bit more than what is pictured and I am so pleased.  The teeny tiny watermelon in the picture on the top left is about a foot or so long and it has lots of little friends starting and the vines are growing all over the garden.  We have been getting lots of zucchini and yellow squash as well as snap peas and carrots.  All of my tomato plants (I think there are 10-12 plants) have fruit on them and my peppers (yellow, green, jalapeno and Fresno) all have fruit growing as well.  I see salsa making in my near future.

I also have tomatillos, corn, artichoke (baby plants, not much happening with them yet), walla walla  onions. cucumbers and green beans.  Sometimes I wonder if I have bit off a little more than I can chew but I figure that even if the garden doesn’t do as well as I like I am learning what works and what does not and I’ll take that knowledge and use it in the following years.

Are you gardening?  How is is going?  Do you have anything different or unusual planted?


3 thoughts on “Gardening Update June 2016

  1. I’m majorly slacking in gardening this year. We usually have tomatoes, several varieties of squash, bell peppers and green beans. Last year was the first time in several years that we didn’t have a garden at all because of the drought. This year I was excited to make up for lost time, but I missed the planting window in my mad dash to the end of the school year (I’m a teacher). So I’ve got 4 brand new planter boxes that hubby built for me (need to fill 2 w/ dirt still) that I’ll probably use for a fall/winter garden in a few weeks.

    I like your nice big garden space! Looks like fun! Enjoy!


    • We’ve had some nice rain and the lakes are pretty full. Hopefully we’ll get more of the same this fall and winter. Thankfully, it hasn’t been too crazy hot.

      I’m also planning the fall garden


  2. One would think with no schooling during the summer, one would have more time to get dirty! Nope. The gardens is doing ok, ah, but the weds are doing even better! (Suggestions? They are as tall as my sunflowers!) Every time I think about getting out there, there goes my energy! I’d like to triple the size of my garden next summer and put in a drip line. Hand watering is for the birds! What are your fall thoughts for putting in your garden? Blessings!


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