When You’re Life is Not Perfect… and everyone elses is

Do you ever look at other people and think or wish that you were more like them or that your life was more like theirs?  The people that (seemingly) have it all together.  Nice car.  Nice house.  “Perfect” family.  Well behaved kids.  Skinny.  Funny.  Giving.  Beautiful, feminine voice (I’m not the only woman who hates the sound of their own voice, am I?)  You know who I’m talking about, right?  You see them on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook.  The people that inspire us can be the very same people that unknowingly make us miserable.

Everyone’s lives can seem perfect when viewed through the lens of the internet.

One area that I sometimes struggle with is the area of home.  We moved in to our home in January of this year.  So, currently, we have been here for about 4 months.  Our home is wonderful but it also was a home that was a rental for a while so some things were neglected, like.. the backyard.

Its a nice, large yard and we are planting fruit trees and the garden is growing well but some days all I see is the large amount of work that needs to be done.The irrigation system is a mess, the grass is patchy and my patio is this “big” and the poor dry trees are shedding all over it daily.


And I look for ideas.  I turn to the internet and then it starts.

“Everyone else has a pretty yard. Everyone else has perfect landscaping. Beautiful patio furniture. A pool (its HOT, I can’t help it)”.

And the comparison keeps going and in the process, I become discontent with what I have and envious of what others (seemingly) have.  The home and yard of our own that I so desired, that I prayed for, that we have been blessed with becomes “not good enough”.  Its embarrassing to actually admit it, but its the truth.

Rick Warren wrote, “you cannot be happy and envious at the same time“.   What a true statement.  When I am not happy and content with what I have, I am not pleasant to be around.  Thinking about what I need or feel like I “deserve” makes me a bit cranky.

1 Timothy 6:6-8 New Living Translation (NLT)

Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it. So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content.

Truth is… my life isn’t perfect.  Truth is… no one elses life is either.  God has blessed us with, honestly, more then we ever deserve.  I have a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful children and we are all healthy and have food, clothing and shelter.  Every good thing that he gives us on top of those things are just icing on the cake.

So, while we will continue to work on things in our home (there is nothing wrong with want to make your place beautiful), I will be guarding my heart and mind from the comparison trap and enjoy the “icing on the cake” that the Lord has given us.

Praying that you all are enjoying it too.



3 thoughts on “When You’re Life is Not Perfect… and everyone elses is

    • I’m with you on the comparison thing. It’s not even about materialism, it’s about the deep desire to have a space that is inviting, relaxing, and ready for hospitality. I don’t want more stuff, I want the things I have to look better and I want it quicker than it seems to be happening. I’ve been living in the middle of a remodel for a year now. It’s happening, but very slowly. In the meantime we have no living room furniture, the dining room is in the living room, and the piano is in the kitchen! God is building patience, contentment, and perseverance in me right now.


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