The Dentist – Name that Smell and Taste Edition

Let me preface this by saying this… I’m old.  I try to deny it but the truth of the matter is evidenced in certain things that make it apparent.

When we moved here, we found a dentist (and he and the practice are wonderful).  He mentioned to me that my amalgam fillings are… yes, old. Probably older than some of you reading this. Fillings apparently don’t last forever.  Sometimes they will fracture or start to get some decay at the edges so eventually they need replaced.  That’s just the way it goes.  Not only are they old but the amalgam is pretty much a blend of mercury, silver, tin and copper and while they say that they are safe and have been used for years, I just felt like it was time to replace them with pearly white resin composite.

So, last month I had the 2 on the right side of my mouth replaced and today I spent my morning at the dentist getting the 2 on the left side replaced.

Now, I’ll be honest.  I am not a fan of the dentist but I’m not wimpy about it, either, but I have to say that replacing these has been an experience that has completely overwhelmed my senses.  It would seem like an easy process… pop out the old filling and put in the new.  Wham, bam and outta there.  But no, its basically getting a filling again.. complete with Novocaine, drilling, and prepping. Oh my!

So, he numbs the left side of my face, props my mouth open in an ungodly position and starts the process of drilling out the old filling.  Silver bits and water fly everywhere, water is shot in to my mouth (which I assume is to put out the fire that has started in my mouth because that is sure what it smells like it happening in there) and a small vacuum is attached to suck out said silver bits and water.

Once that is all out he used the drill at low speed which is a real treat. You know those ridges that they put in roads when you get close to an intersection to warn you of the upcoming intersection.. its like that, in your mouth.  I must have had some kind of reaction because the dentist says “I don’t think she likes the sounds and vibrations”.  Really???  Ya think????

So then, the composite fillings are put in and let me tell you… the taste.  Oh the taste!  They call the stuff that they put on to bond it “Etch”.  It tastes like I imagine poison would taste and it had a smell that honestly can be described as fart.  The “cost” of pearly white teeth is extreme y’all.

So, that was how I spent my morning.

My afternoon is being spent chewing on my own cheek.

dentist face

Happy Thursday!


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